Vote VAGIANT BOSTON for the 2009 BOSTON MUSIC AWARDS Punk Act of the Year!!

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Hey chums,

I'm acting as ambassador for Hellion and her band, the ever so delightful VAGIANT BOSTON. See, something kinda awesome happened.

They received a 2009 Boston Music Award nomination for Punk Act of the Year! This is big.

And the best part? We can help them win! Click here and take a second to cast your vote. Then do it again ten minutes after that. There's no limit to how many times you can vote, so keep voting! And tell all your friends on your Twitbooks and FaceSpaces to cast their votes too!

The award ceremony is Dec. 2nd, so keep gettin' your vote on every day 'til then. Let's get those broads a trophy!

Do they deserve to win, you may ask? You bet your hot soup they do. Their new album "Trash Candy" is freeeeeaking AWESOME. And I'm not just sayin' that. Seriously, you should get it (here). They've quickly became one of my favorite bands. It really is purely a coincidence that I'm dating the frontwoman. :cool:

Oh yeah, and throw Bang Camaro some love too while you're at it.


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