Lego Rock Band X360 Export Code Giveaway! 2.0

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As many of you i Had trouble getting my code to work. Called support, sent emails, all of which got kicked back. The other night a kind soul (redlummada) on here gave away a xbox code he some how got with his PS3 version of the game. Im going to pass on the goodwill, as i have now received a reply from support with a valid code. The email states the code will work on xbox LIVE or PSN. I going to give it away to someone on here that is having trouble as I did. All I ask is if the same happens to you that you might be kind enough to pass yours on to another that is having trouble. I know there is no way of knowing if someone bought the game, so Im just going to trust the honor system here.

First one to reply to this thread gets the code.



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