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Now I'm not part of the Rock Band Network process so to speak, I'm more of a eager fan who can't wait to hear some of the lesser known bands making their appearance through RBN once it launches. My question concerns availability, now after discussing RBN with a friend recently he informed me that Europe isn't currently allowed to submit songs for RBN. I'm sure they will hopefully change sooner rather then later (there are some superb bands in Europe who don't get huge exposure). But if Europe is limited in submitting songs for RBN, what are the chances of European Rock Band owners actually getting the content for Rock Band Network once launched?

I ask simply because of HMX's past history concerning European Rock Band fans (the whole Rock Band taking forever to reach Europe thing, for which I have happily forgiven HMX after they made The Beatles: Rock Band:D) But I'm eager to check it out once it's ready for launch. Will European users be able to get access to the Rock Band Networks content of songs once the network launches?

I apologise if I've mistaken the purpose of this forum, I know it's mainly for those currently part of the RBN Beta. But I wanted to know.


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    If you can buy regular RB DLC, you will be able to buy RBN songs. The actual submitting of songs is the only thing that's currently limited to the US only.
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    European bands also have the option of submitting their songs through someone in the US. So while they can't do the submitting themselves, they can still get their songs on RBN if they hire a third party charter in the US to do their songs (and if they really wanted to chart their own songs, they could probably arrange some sort of deal with someone to submit their songs after they chart them).
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    Good to hear, thanks for the info trg007 and Quazifuji.

    Appreciate it.
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