Count-Ins and Intro Silence

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I just have a couple of questions:

What is recommended for a count-in if no drum track exists? It seems weird to use a cymbal if there aren't any in the actual song.

Also, how much silence at the beginning of a song is acceptable? After tracking a song and playing it in audition mode, I realized it had six measures of silence at the beginning. I'd like to think that it wouldn't be a big deal and I could save the trouble of deleting the silence and fixing the tempo. I mean, look at the silence at the beginning of Blackened.



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    Count in with cowbell. Lots and lots of cowbell. ;)

    You can use practically whatever sound you want for the count in, as long as it's somewhat percussive (i.e. don't count off with a "Ahhhhhh" or any other long sound that doesn't start strong and cut out quickly).

    As for the silence, it may be up to you. As long as there's at least three seconds between the start of the song and anyone playing/singing their first note, you're fine. If you wanna keep those six measures, keep it. If you don't, then you can remove it and start right at the count in. If the song's fast and the count in is quicker than 3 seconds, leave in a measure or two of silence.

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    "Gluben Gleeben Gloppin Globin".

    Do it.
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