"Unreleased Jam Sessions" DLC pack

JoJofromTucsonJoJofromTucson Unsigned
edited November 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
Hey -

Listening to Anthology again, and while listening to 12-Bar Original, I thought, I'd love to play this on TB:RB.

A few other unreleased instrumentals exist as well in bootleg, and otherwise. Also, Anthology's alternate versions of existing songs like Tomorrow Never Knows and I'm Only Sleeping are really cool and use different instruments and tunes.

Wouldnt it be great to have a pack of stuff like that, that isn't as polished as the released album songs, that would make it more like a jam session? A lot of the bootleg albums have experimental instrumentals of existing album songs that would be cool to play in TB:RB.

I know they aren't authorized to work with bootleg recordings, but they certainly have a plethora of stuff from the Anthology albums to release a "Jams" pack like this.

Just a thought, but I reiterate, 12-Bar Original would be a hoot to play!


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