Anyone Else interested in getting the Yellow Submarine album?

NocturnalNocturnal Rising Star
edited November 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
I was curious on what all was on the album, and basically it's just the song Yellow Submarine, four unreleased (outside of this album) songs, and All You Need is Love.

Since All You Need is Love is being released as a single, do you think they'll do the other three as singles, or just do a small three song pack one week?

Oddly, I think this one has some of my all time favorite songs. I just didn't know they were unique to this album. "Only a Northern Song" and "It's All Too Much" are two of the better George Harrison songs in my opinion. "All Together Now" is just a fun song too. I'd really be disappointed if these were left out.

Then again, I think this all depends on how well the first three albums sell, but my hunch is that they're selling well, and we will see more eventually.


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