"Every Little Thing..." Bug

HeimlichHeimlich Opening Act
edited February 2010 in LEGO: Rock Band
On the PS3, I'm encountering a bug where the song "Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic" won't unlock for general use. I've completed it as a single song in the venue where it first becomes available (Volcanic Rock -- in the Hovercraft menu), but the song does not appear on the selection menu of any Build a Setlist set I choose anywhere in the game (or in the Quickplay song menu) -- my list shows only 44 Lego Rock Band songs, and that's the one song that's missing.

I've tried everything I can think of -- I've played the song on every individual instrument, and have even gold starred it. It won't show up anywhere else.

Possibly related to this issue, I can't access all the gigs in the game. I have played every gig that shows up on every menu in Story Mode, but looking at the total stars that should be available in each venue, there are a few random gigs scattered around in different areas that are obviously still hidden from my band. I'm wondering if it's because Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic is a song you're required to play in those missing sets, and because it's not unlocking for me, those gigs remain unavailable to me.

My band has 208 million studs, all entourage members purchased, 1,674 stars, and over 79 million fans, so it seems unlikely to me that some other requirement is preventing those gigs from appearing.


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