Where's my hair?!

Han DaimondHan Daimond Letdown
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Hello there. I'll try to be quick.

When I made my character I selected the "Messy Mullet" hair, but then I wanted to edit my character, so I went to the Rock Shop and I was browsing through the hair selection, I selected one, but when I wanted to get back my "Messy Mullet" hair... IT WAS GONE! I couldn't recover the original hair I was using before, it wasn't available in the store, so I deleted my character and created a new one.

My question is: Is the "Messy Mullet" hair unlocked later in Career mode?


  • OddbrotherOddbrother Road Warrior
    edited November 2009
    Are there other minifigs who have the "Messy Mullet" hair? You could try and load them, and then reedit the entire character back to the way you want it.

    As for it being unlockable in Story Mode, I'm not sure. Usually you get it by unlocking and purchasing a minifig who has it.
  • Han DaimondHan Daimond Letdown
    edited November 2009
    OH YES! I found a minifig who has that hair! It's the music manager or something like that, you'll unlock it later in the game.

    Thx anyway, this thread can be closed now.
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