Rock Band Forums Top 50 Beatles Songs, Due 12/20

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I am shortening the list from 100 songs to 50 songs. I would really appreciate if more people participated, you have until the 20th.

Read the directions! You do not need to come up with 100 songs!!!! Only 25!!!!

I was recently reading a magazine, which expressed what they believed to be the 50 best Beatles songs. It was a pretty good list, including some of the deeper cuts which surprised me, but I'd really like to see what the community here thinks. This is how all of this will work.

1. Members will send their list. This list will include 5 tiers. Each tier will include 5 songs, so 25 total songs each person will pick. Each song in the first tier will be worth 10 points, and each tier below will be worth one point less, making the fifth tier songs worth 6 points.

2. I will add up points from the people's lists and eventually add up the final scores. The song with the most points will obviously be number 1.

3. Comments may be made by members about songs. You can add a small snippet to some song choices, and a team member will read them. If they find it particularly powerful, witty, etc., we'll add it to the final list of songs, and of course credit you.

4. Please email your lists to [email][/email]. If for some reason you can't use email, feel free to PM me your list and I will gladly add it.


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