Need True Sounds of Liberty (T.S.O.L.) as DLC

AcidRefluxAcidReflux Opening Act
edited December 2011 in Your Ultimate Setlist
I would like to see more punk on Rock Band and I think T.S.O.L. would make an excellent addition in this category. The T.S.O.L. songs that should be included in Rock Band are:

Abolish Government
Code Blue
Dance With Me
I Am Tired of Life
In My Head
Silent Scream
Sound of Laughter
Superficial Love*
Terrible People*
You Don't Have To Die*

*sorry couldn't find any good videos for these songs

In my opinion these are the best songs T.S.O.L. has ever done and they deserve a place in the Rock Band Library but, if only one can be included in Rock Band than it would have to be Abolish Government.


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