Guitar Hand Animations

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Sorry to post a new thread about this but I'd expect some other people may want to ask about stuff too.

I've animated JUST the positioning of the entire hand throughout the track - and basically all the playing in my track is either single finger stuff, or power chords. Also how detailed can you be on solos, that confuses me also.

Looking at all the text events for all these chords (C, open etc etc) is causing an overload. so can anyone put things in simpler terms for someone who's headbanged too much for their brain to function at the normal rate.


  • wesjett08wesjett08 Rising Star
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    For my bands song we just did pretty much what you did,Just the hand positioning.Our song is basically powerchords with a few random single notes in places.It looks perfectly fine in game and quite accurate too.

    I wouldn't worry too much about the text events too much.
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