REAPER Q & A-----a.k.a. (how to guide to songs) work in progress!!

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Apparently, no one has made a how-to guide for songs. I think harmonix forgot that most of the people that are going to be trying to make songs are the general public, not audio engineers. I fall under the category of the general public/smart kid/loves computers. I am by no means a expert (not even close) with REAPER, so I shall learn too. A few questions to start us off. I have an multi-track MIDI and i want to export the tracks to .WAV. When i click consolidate/export track and put all the settings to best quality possible, it exports blank .WAV files. Also, right now i'm using Microsoft GS Wavetable Synth, which doesn't sound very good or accurate for any MIDI. Can anyone recommend a good wavetable?


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    Well, the docs that HMX have released are not intended to be a "How to make music with Reaper" guide. They are intended for people that already have music tracks. These are instructions on how to turn those music tracks into Rock Band note charts.

    If you want help with "How to make music with Reaper", you'd be better off checking out the Reaper forums. :)
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