Forcing HOPOs Off/On

EvileOLEvileOL Opening Act
edited December 2009 in The Rock Band Network
So I'm authoring a guitar part, and i was watching the preview, and noticed a lot of HOPOs coming up that shouldnt be there.

So after being told you have to put a single midi note (on force hopo OFF) for EACH note you don't want HOPO'd I tried that, but the notes still came up as Hopos.

I then tried extending one midi note (on force Hopo OFF) over the whole bar, this then solved the problem and their were no Hopos.

I continued doing this for the rest of the track, but then suddenly it just starts doing Hopos again, even if i have the Force Hopo OFF over the notes.

Anything I might be missing?

If I'm to do a force hopo ON in between two OFF hopos, what's the best way to author these notes?


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