Problem running Magma

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I had to reinstall a Windows partition on my laptop, and I'm having a little trouble this time around. I've installed everything RBN-related, in the proper order (Reaper --> RBN plugins --> Magma), and Reaper opens perfectly fine. However, whenever I try to open Magma, it spits out
"[programlocation]\Magma.exe cannot run because MagmaCore.dll is missing." I haven't seen this problem the other 3-4 times I've installed it.

Any ideas?


  • trg007trg007 Your Ever Rocking RBN Forum Guru
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    Try running Games for Windows LIVE from your Start menu and see if it asks you to install any updates (and if so, install them). Also, go to the Windows Update site and make sure you have the latest version of .NET. That's what seemed to work for someone on the beta forums who had this same problem.
  • DavyinaTogaDavyinaToga Road Warrior
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    Yeah, that was it. My dumb ass installed everything else before installing Windows Service Pack 3. -_-'

    EDIT: BTW HMX can you guys update the Magma download link on the download page with the newer version? It wouldn't be an issue if a Magma update didn't require a complete reinstall.
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