Is Lego Export Key working in Europe on PS3?

guitologguitolog Unsigned
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Hi, I'm a spanish PS3 owner, yesterday i bought LRB. Today I exchanged my export code and after I entered the tokens in the XMB it lead me to a download process that doesnt work (Error: 80029563)

Anyone has any idea of what's happening?


  • facade66facade66 Unsigned
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    I just did the download today to my UK PS3.

    1) goto select PS3-EU and enter the 16 character code off the card. This returns the 12 character code you need for the XMB.

    2) Enter the 12 character code at the XMB. This takes you to a download for a small file. Agree to everything (HMX now own your house, and your firstborn son)
    and get the file. Nothing happens when it installs.

    3) start up Lego Rockband, and goto the STORE. A new option appears at the bottom called song export (or something).

    4) PURCHASE this with money!

    5) you now download a 1200MB file of content, and let it install.

    6) Put RB2 in the drive, start it up, and you can't find the lego content, as it is flagged as DLC, but it is there: look for "Summer of 69" or "Ghostbusters"
  • guitologguitolog Unsigned
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    Thank you, my problem is before step 3, the download doesn't complete and I can't install, I'll try tomorrow again.
  • LudoLVGLudoLVG Unsigned
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    just try this but i can't access to the store in Lego RB...
    Does any one have this problem ?
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