o man =/

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so lego is such an awsome game not goin to lie... i love my lego minfigs

i play this game a ton

ive been goin for the all gig achievment

today i said hey imma do the endless set!! (ive never done the ones in rb1 or rb2)

i started it, its goin all good, i was gettin a little bored but it wasnt bad

then it said disconnected from xbox live
i was like.. o shhhhhhnnnnnnnaaaaaaaaaaap!
thats when it literally had just ended the song i was playing and it was in the stat screen.
i was just about to push the xbox btn and reconnect... when it literally kicked me out back to my rock den...

im pissed.

i was on song 20... had enough time to finish and now its all gone =(

in rb3.... they should give you at least an option to reconnect before it just kicks you off your entire setlist. =(

if you agree... please tell me how bullcrap that is lol


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