Is there a video tutorial or any kind of tutorial out there?

ColdplayerColdplayer Headliner
edited December 2009 in The Rock Band Network
Hey there.

I'm not an audio pro, I just record some songs with Cubase and I'm not sure if I will ever create RBN tracks but I just would like to see how it works. I downloaded all the programs and even the sample song but I can't even see how the charts will look in the game. (In a video I saw a preview window where you can see the chart just like you see it in the RB game)

Anyway, I can't find a guide to create Rockband tracks anywhere. A Vid Tutorial would be awesome. I guess there are some out there for Reaper but a real tutorial on how to use The RB Plugin and Magma and everything? There must be something like that somehow. Can't imagine all you people figuring everything out by yourselves?

Really, just some kind of Step to Step Guide to create a Rockband track in Reaper and Magma?


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