Rock Band Network Recruitment - Volunteer For a Free Trial

Hey gang,

You’re an educated bunch, so I’m sure you’re all thoroughly informed about our plans for Rock Band Network. If you’re not, here’s some handy reading to give you the broad strokes that will get you up to speed. So here’s where we’re at now: we’re nearly at the open Beta and we’re looking to get more people from the forums involved. We recruited a handful of posters at the beginning of the closed Beta and some of them have been all star contributors to the early RBN process. We want more of that.

So what can you do to get involved? We’d like to develop a robust peer review team that will play every new song as it hits the pipeline, give Grade A comments, and ensure that these tracks are as tight as possible. And who better to peer review these submissions than the diehards on these forums? That’s what we thought.

If you’re interested in getting involved with RBN, post here and let us know. We’ll check in on this thread and draw from the pool of volunteers and hook some of you up with free trials of RBN in exchange for your time and feedback. We’re looking for people who are willing to make a serious commitment to peer reviewing and becoming an active part of the RBN creator community. If you’re not super charged about RBN, and if you maybe only try out new songs once every few months, then this maybe isn’t the thing for you. But if you’ve got the following…

1) an Xbox registered in the US with an XBL Gold Account
2) a PC
3) a burning desire to play more songs in RB
4) the enthusiasm for checking in for reviews on a regular basis

…then it sounds like this IS the thing for you. Post here, provide as many details as you feel necessary (how many hours a week you play RB, instrument of choice, recording background, etc) and we’ll start getting you plugged into RBN so you can say you were in on the ground floor and helped us shape the next step of music gaming.

Talk to you soon!


  • Snuffy77Snuffy77 Unsigned
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    Sign me up!
  • Casto21Casto21 Rock and Roll Statistician
    edited December 2009
    I'm definitely interested.

    Drums (Expert) 70% of playtime
    Bass (Expert) 15%
    Guitar (Hard) 14%
    Vocals (Medium) 1%

    Usually play 4-5 times a week, anywhere from 30 min to a couple hours each time with the occasional really long session.
  • VeganpunkVeganpunk Opening Act
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    I'm interested. I play drums. Spend about 10-15 hours a week playing.
  • JPSChampagneJPSChampagne Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    I'm an expert vocalist and I'm all about trying new songs for Rock Band. I don't devote as much time to Rock Band every week as I used to, but I certainly have the hours available to do it (some twenty hours a week, is what I used to play). I have a near scientific understanding of the vocal mechanics of Rock Band and have somewhat of a grasp on the intangibles of what makes a good and fun vocal chart. I can elaborate well upon issues with a song, but I admittedly have some trouble stating detailed technical specifics.

    I haven't had any experience recording, and I haven't worked with the tools for the Rock Band Network, as I don't plan on charting anything. I do, however, plan to be very invested in the project and supporting lots of the artists who take part in it. I'm an active forum member and have been vocal about encouraging people to take part in the RBN.

    I'd be very psyched to help in any way I could. Thanks for the consideration and for taking open requests for volunteers!

    EDIT: Also. Forgot to mention. I'm a Stage Kit owner and I would have a lot to say about what people did with that, as I think it's something that very creative things could be done with.
  • jaosmingjaosming Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I would love to get in on this.

    I average at least an hour a day on Rock Band games and it's normal for me to play for 2 hours without realizing it. On weekends I would average 3 hours a day if I don't have much else to do.

    My instrument of choice is drums, but I play guitar/bass and sing a lot too. I also regularly play with groups of people offline.

    Not much of a recording background, I play real drums and guitar and have done charting for personal recordings in FoF.

    If it matters, I also went down to your offices twice for some beta testing in the summer of 2008, so I guess I have "experience" in that. :D

    Thanks for the Opportunity!
  • RobbySuaveRobbySuave Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    I'd love to be a part of this. I'd love to play other people's songs as well as submit my own. I have one song ready to be submitted now.

    I play Rock Band a couple hours a week. I play mostly expert guitar and expert drums. Sometimes I'll sing on easy and play hard/expert instrument at the same time, but usually just guitar or drums.

    I'm a huge supporter of the Rock Band Network. I tell everyone I know about it and how much I'm looking forward to all these new songs as well as getting my own music in the game. I would be honored to get into it a little earlier than the general public.
  • AbomstarAbomstar Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    Just heard about this from ScoreHero and it sounds like a golden opportunity if ever there was one. I'm incredibly enthusiastic about DLC and music games in general. I own over 700 of the currently released tracks, and out of those I've maintained 1st place for single player Expert guitar on over 250 of them -- and I definitely have the time, playing the game for an average 2 hours a day between college and work. As both an avid music listener/critic with eclectic taste, and someone who has followed the progression of Harmonix's authoring sensibilities since the original Guitar Hero, I think I'd be able to provide consistently constructive feedback.
  • RastabotRastabot Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    Sounds Excellent. I can play all instruments on Expert ( I've gotten 98% on Jesus Christ Pose expert drums, tons of vocals FC, and I can pass all songs on Guitar and Bass expert.)

    I have over 600 songs, and I play this game constantly, pretty much everyday for a couple of hours. When the RBN was first announced I was willing to pay the XNA fees just to get the chance to peer review, so I will definitely show up everyday and review.
    Time shouldn't be an issue, I go to ASU full time, however I'm between jobs right now so I still have quite a bit of free time

    I have no substantial recording experience (I used to hang out in a recording studio in High School and I have two good friends who are musical engineers) However I have been playing since Guitar Hero 1, I was also really into custom charts for a period during the GH2 days, so I have an eye/ear for good, sound charts, and charts that may be a little off.

    Please consider me for this position, I am really excited just by the opportunity.

    My GT is : Rastabot1
  • Minots59Minots59 Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I'd be interested especially with the semester coming to an end. I've been playing guitar games since before Guitar Hero even came out. I'm an expert drummer, guitarist, and bassist and have a passion for music. Sounds like this could be a pretty awesome opprotunity.
  • Mutated_WaffleMutated_Waffle Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'd love to volunteer for this. I play expert on all instruments quite proficiently. I have extensive experience in playing custom songs (on GH2) and a bit of experience writing them which, although not directly relevant, means I know enough about charts and gameplay in general to be able to provide useful constructive feedback.

    From the launch of RB1 up until the Who pack, I purchased every song available for download. Unfortunately, I have since then been unable to continue collecting every song due to financial reasons. As you can well imagine, I would be thrilled to once again be able to have a steady flow of new content for one of my favorite and most-played games.

    I will be attending classes during the winter/spring semester; however, I will still have four days per week completely free. Considering I spend most of my free time either playing Rock Band or discussing it on forums, I would certainly be able to review new songs with a frequency that meets your expectations.

    Thanks for this opportunity, thanks for considering me, thanks for making the best music/rhythm games of this generation and the last, and thanks for making such a tremendous effort toward revolutionizing the genre once again with the Rock Band Network.
  • WhizKidRavenWhizKidRaven Rising Star
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    I'm so in! GT: WhizKidRaven
    I play primarily on PS3 (where I own 95% of the DLC on) but I have guitars and mics for 360 and play enough songs on a weekly basis to where I could dedicate a good number of them to beta-testing songs on the 360. I have created charts before and actually PLAY all of the instruments involved in real life so I have a pretty good knack for correct charting. I have recorded 2 albums worth of material with my band and wanted to originally chart songs for RBN but have been unable to because of the unavailability for PS3 at the moment. If it takes switching to 360 just for RBN, I can handle that!
  • Banky71Banky71 Banned on the Run (Live)
    edited December 2009
    I'm interested I play RB 20+ hours a week have a computer and a 360. Plus I'm jobless at the monment and would love something to keep me busy.

    GT: Banky71

    Let's see I am a singer mostly but play guitar and bass. I have some recording know how as I have been in a few bands throughout the years and I am a music lover who likes all kinds of music and would love to hear new songs I would not have a way to hear otherwise.
  • StrikerObiStrikerObi Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'd like to help out. My GamerTag is Striker0bi (with a 0, not an O).

    I play Rock Band (2/Beatles) for a few hours a week, probably between 5-10. I spend most of my time on Guitar/Bass (probably around 70%) but I take a turn at drums and vocals the rest (30%) of the time.

    I play Guitar/Bass on Expert level, Drums on Hard/Expert, and vocals on Easy-Expert depending on the song.

    As for gear: I play on Xbox 360. I've got a RB2 guitar, a Hofner Bass, and an original wired Mad Catz P-Bass. I've got Beatles drums, and a pair of wireless Xbox 360 microphones as well as a few USB mics (from RB, RB2, and TB:RB) and two microphone stands (1 from TB:RB, one I bought years ago for RB1).
  • TransatlanticFoeTransatlanticFoe Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    This would be perfect for me. I play Rock Band usually at least an hour and change per day, expert on all instruments, and have pretty good general knowledge of how songs should be charted, even if I haven't actually made any customs. No recording experience, though I have been playing guitar for the past five years.
  • Plugs44Plugs44 Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I'd love to do this as well. I've been needing to get some new songs! I'd play as much as possible if I had the chance to try out free songs. I also have a computer and XBL Gold. I can play any instrument on expert except vocals (for now...), though I do struggle with the really hard songs on expert drums.

    I've also played on and off with bands throughout the past, oh, 5-6 years or so, and I'm going to school for music, and hopefully get to a school for music production, so this sort of thing is my bag, baby. My last band did a lot of recording and mixing. So In conclusion:

    1. I likes teh Rock Bandzs
    2. I likes teh Musics.
    3. I UNDERSTAND Musics.
    4. I have a firm grasp on the English language.

    So, pick me! Oh yeah, GT is Plugs44.
  • AzwethinkweizAzwethinkweiz Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'm interested.
    I play RB2 few hours a week, more if my friends get online. Plus I'm jobless(well not quite a good thing). I have a xbox(GT:Azwethinkweiz12) and a PC(since I'm typing this now). I play Guitar/Bass on expert, vocals from hard-expert, and forget the drums, I just plain suck at that, and I like to discover new music.
    So sign me up!
  • VriessVriess Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I am absolutely interested!

    I have some musical composition knowledge, usually in tracking songs via FruityLoops and using sound samples in Garage Band. When it comes to real instruments, I have a Peavey T-15 Guitar that I really have very little knowledge in how to play (all those lessons I took as a kid pretty much taught me how to pick the main line of "Octopus's Garden" and that's about it.)

    Normally I play about 6 hours of Rock Band 2/Beatles Rock Band a week, typically in the evenings and weekends.

    I prefer to play on Hard vocals and Hard/Expert drums, usually depending on who I am playing with. My wife tends to play with me on Hard guitar or Hard/Expert bass.

    What else might qualify me for this? I am very familiar with the XNA framework testing process, if needed, and have my PC already configured to compile and play XNA programs through my 360.

    I also have a two year old son who loves watching the notes fall down the tracks, and often picks up the mic or guitar and hands it to me whenever he wants us to play. His favorite songs: Gay Bar and Any Way You Want It.

    My wife and I are more than happy to test songs on lower difficulties than we normally play as well as other instrument combinations. Any genre, anytime.

    Well hopefully that is enough, my gamertag is Vriess, hope to hear from you soon!
  • REL1203REL1203 Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I would certainly be willing to help. I play RB for about about an hour and a half a day, just about every day of the week on xbox 360, GT= REL1203, and have beta tested 5+ other games in the past and have always provided feedback on multiple aspects of the game. I am very familur with how Beta Test work, and generally know what the publishers are looking to hear back from the Users (I also work in QC for Software development for my IRL job). I currently have about 600 total songs from the games, and love each and everyone.

    Let me know, I would love to help.i Play Expert Guitar, Expert Bass, Med/Hard Drums, and my wife sings Med Vocals.
  • dgiles79dgiles79 Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I would like to volunteer as a tester.

    I usually play about 4-5 days per week, and each session is usually between 1-3 hours.

    My instrument of choice is drums (expert), I also play Guitar/Bass and Vocals occasionally.

    I also went to school for music technology and am familiar with mixing tracks and working with audio software like Sound Forge etc.

    I am very excited for the Rock Band Network and would appreciate the opportunity to help test the songs and get RBN started.

  • mizdiz444mizdiz444 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'm totally interested! I play rock band (2, Lego, & Beatles) at least 10 hours a week, mostly guitar or vocals. I have just started learning drums. I would love to join!
  • BenlikesthesalsaBenlikesthesalsa Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I would love to do this. I can sing, guitar, and bass on expert and i love all types of music so I wont have a shortage of songs to play. So sign me up........please?
  • DrifterUKDrifterUK Awesome Lake Ninja
    edited December 2009
    Im guessing theres no chance of this being open to non US residents, because Id love to do this, Im just not a US resident.
  • Darth_LogoDarth_Logo Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    This absolutely SCREAMS me!

    Rock Band is literally one of the only games I play. It's basically that and my old Call of Duty 4, and Rock Band definitely gets more of my time. I'm about to reach 350 songs total in my library (I keep getting as much as I can afford to keep adding). I have, can play, and enjoying playing all of the peripherals. My main love is the drumset, but I keep pounding my way through them. I've currently pwned three different drumsets into submission (aka death), but I keep replacing them. =P I play all of the instruments on Expert (although I sometimes fail on crazy metal songs, I admit).

    I play Rock Band every chance I get. During the week. I've been eyeing The Rock Band Network since it was in early beta. I follow every member of the HMX team and other third-party fansites on Twitter that I can find. I lurch on the forums. I live in Cambridge, Ohio... but wish I lived in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I've still got copies of Karaoke Revolution lying around. I hate to sound like a gushing fanboy, but that simply is what I am, Harmonix, and now seems like the best time to come out and admit it.

    As far as musical background. My father works at a local radio station radio station. I've gone up there, and messed around with some recording myself. I know a bit of the background for authoring stuff in such a sense. I play the trombone, but have daveled with the bass guitar. I sing relatively well. My mp3 is jampacked with music from all genres. I'm a computer nerd, so I'm looking forward to seeing some of the stuff going on in the RBN.

    I'm a Computer Science major, but I'm minoring in my passion, Music. The CS will pay the bills, but what I want to do someday is apply my Music minor towards my major and work with Music Technology. My hope is, honestly, to someday land a job at Harmonix in combining these two loves. I'm going to do everything in my power to make that happen, and this would be one nice little stepping stone towards that.

    Despite the crazy nature of this current little biography on me, I do have to state that I can write more clearly and thoughtfully. I'm writing this in an excited haze, in between two of my finals here at OSU. @_@ I would definitely be fine with playing the music, and then writing reviews about it. Plus, my first Final today was in my History of Rock and Roll class, and I learned about many genres of Rock and Roll in there, and learned names and terms and things to listen for that could further help me in reviewing.

    No matter what the outcome of my little self-indulgent rant in hopes of grabbing your attention towards me in this selection process, I thank you for all of the games you have created thus far, and thank you for a chance at becoming part of the process rather than just being another fan.

    Yours truly,
    Darth Logo
    Gold Xbox Live Member, Music Nerd, Computer Geek, and Harmonix fanboy
  • BreakingBenBreakingBen Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I also heard about this over at Scorehero and decided that I'd like to give it a shot. I play Rock Band 1 imports, Rock Band 2, Lego RB, and of course epic DLC (I wonder which track pack was my favorite ;)) on a daily basis. Normally, I get to play a couple of hours a day and around 15 hours or so a week seeing as I do have enough free time to jam out to my favorite tunes. I would love to get a chance to help fine tune the Rock Band Network and give my honest opinion on what Harmonix plans on releasing. I also feel like I can contribute and give well thought out reviews for the up and coming Rock Band Network to make sure it helps revolutionize the rhythm gaming industry!

    Instrument Breakdown (everything on Expert):
    Guitar: 70%
    Bass: 5%
    Drums: 10%
    Vocals: 15%

    I mainly prefer guitar, but playing the other instruments occasionally is like a breath of fresh air, one that I can't get enough of sometimes.

    GT: BreakBen
  • loto1226loto1226 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I would love to do this. I play at least once every day (usually for a few hours each time) because the game is awesome, and would love to give feedback on some new songs. My instruments are as follows:

    Expert Drums-60%
    Expert Guitar-40%
    Expert Mic-6%
    Expert Bass-5%

    ... for a total of 111%, because that's how awesome this game is. I already have all of the DLC, so any new songs would be great to play! Although I have limited real life music talent, I am quite familiar with the charting process.

    GT: loto1226
  • pinata242pinata242 Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I would totally love to get in on this.

    I play Expert Guitar/Bass primarily, but do dabble on Medium Drums and Hard Vocals. My daughter usually plays Drums or Vocals with me.

    I play close to 20 hours per week across the various titles.
  • bobnjeffbobnjeff Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'd be very interested. I get 10-15 hours a week to play (on a bad week, really). I play Bass and Vocals mostly (75% Bass, 25% Vocals), usually on Hard or Expert.
  • Nuke39Nuke39 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I would really love to help Harmonix with the Rock Band Network after the way that this company has affected video games. I will be a fair and just reviewer of any songs that are currently in the RBN community and will give specific details to better this game and program for the rhythm game community.

    I play Guitar/Bass on Expert, can pass everything and 5 star most songs. I played Vocals on Expert as well, which tends to be the most difficult area to chart for RBN. Drums, I play on Hard but I can play the really easy songs on Expert. But that difficulty mode matters too.

    I play Rock Band 2 very often and have beaten, played through, and downloaded content for The Beatles: Rock Band and Lego: Rock Band. I really, REALLY want to help Harmonix to become the strong company that it deserves to be.
  • flashburn2012flashburn2012 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'd love to be a part of this. I've been playing since early Guitar Hero days (1+2), and have since moved on to playing Expert Drums almost exclusively. I probably play about 10-20 hours a week, and have almost every single song that is available. I also have over 10 years of experience doing QA and QE testing for gaming companies as well as hardware companies, so I know how to thoroughly test a product and write up feedback about it.

    In short: Pick me, you won't regret it! :)
  • xxRaenxxRaen Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    This sounds awesome, and I'd love to be a part of it. Ever since I heard about RBN I've been really excited and I've wanted to find a way to get involved. Helping with peer review would ge a great way to get involved and I'd love to do it!

    I play Rock Band on Expert for all instruments, most of the time. I do, however, occasionally have to pull down to Hard for really difficult or really fast songs (although not for vocals, I can play all songs on Expert there). As for how much time a week I play, I admit it's not generally very much, but that is simply the artifact of not having enough money to purchase any new songs. Should I be selected for this, I would do my best to peer review as many songs as I possibly could in order to really help this community out.

    Beyond simply Rock Band, I also have a musical background. I've been in a post metal band playing guitar, bass, drums, and vocals, and I've recorded with that band in the stuido, as well as setting up a basic recording set up (very basic, just an interface and some dynamic mics that are super cheap) and recorded the band with that. I feel all these things make me a good choice to peer review.
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