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Hi All, i need some recommendations before purchase please. For info i live in the UK.
I was about to buy the Beatles Value Edition until found this forum and a thread advising to get better gear so i could do with some advice on what to buy.
I want to get the Beatles and ACDC games but need to know whether to buy in a set ie The Beatles Limited edition and get the Beatles and ACDC games separate only thing i'm not sure about is the bass guitar as i would prefer the normal one or do i buy guitar and drums separate.

All confused so any help will be gratefully received.

Merry Xmas all.


  • EhfahqEhfahq Headliner
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    If you are looking for stock Rock Band gear, the The Beatles Special Edition bundle are great quality.

    The vaule edition is RB1 gear with the game. They will work just fine. But they are not up to par w/ the new equipment.
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