Anyone else still kind of in awe?

justin19954justin19954 Road Warrior
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I'm mean I know it's been 3 months now, but I'm still not used to seeing that disk/case without thinking about how cool it is and stuff. Am I the only one?


  • elitemastersamelitemastersam Road Warrior
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    It's been more than a month since I've played it, and yes I'm still in awe and really looking forward to going home this weekend, getting a new Xbox 360, and getting to play it after all this time.
  • instantdeath999instantdeath999 Washed Up
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    Every time I play it, I'm consistently amazed at just how well made and polished it is.
  • xfearbeforexfearbefore Opening Act
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    All the DLC keeps things new which why I keep playing it everyday for hours!
  • Add-Rock44Add-Rock44 Opening Act
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    At first, I was part of the "Why no song export?" group. But, after feverishly playing 'till I literally got blisters on my fingers, I can honestly say I wouldn't have it any other way.

    The sheer amount of love and respect for the band and their music shown in the game took me by surprise. It made me realise both the enormous feat Harmonix accomplished and how truly FUN this game is to play.

    It's a different game for a reason: It's a unique and euphoric experience that truly could only be done this way.

    Thank you, Harmonix.

    P.S. - "Lady Madonna" NEEDS to be in the game.
  • JimF51JimF51 Opening Act
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    Was going to post a new thread along similar to this one, but I'll add on here.

    Caveat: Prior to this game, I had never played any RB/GH type game in my life.

    Bought the LE set 5 weeks after it was released. Had to put it on layaway as I was spending my cash on the re-mastered CDs. Played the 1st time (on easy and was terrible!) and had a ball. For me, it brought back a sense of time and place, and I was a very happy camper.

    Am still playing every chance I get, and don't see myself stopping anytime soon. Still not real good at it, but "It's Getting Better All The Time" (sorry!). The grandkids (10 & 8) are my band mates, and they love it also.

    One plus for me is it got me digging out my older CDs, all the bands from that time period, both Brit & US, and listening to them again.

    My biggest discovery since playing it is that playing RB2 is a disappointment. Bought it for $20. last weekend, thought the grandkids would like it, as a change. We played it a bit Sunday afternoon and evening, haven't played it since. We played the initial challenge hoping we could unlock some of the songs they wanted to play (1st peeve I have with the game). I was bass, granddaughter was on guitar and grandson was on drums, so singer was game provided. My granddaughter thought it was totally stupid to watch a skinny, shirtless bald guy with a green goatee see "We Got The Beat" by the Bangles. They also thought it was boring, just watching the band onstage all the time, as opposed to The Beatles and all the different backgrounds and venues. If having all the visual in TBRB was the reason the initial song list was only 45 songs, I'm glad they did it that way.

    So I know I'm spoiled by TBRB, and I think they are too. RB2 is already collecting dust on the shelf.

    Jim F
  • hkevinhkevin Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    Still love the game so much.
    Now and again I go back to RB2 (Tom Petty and Queen DLC) and although I still enjoy playing it just makes me realise how much better the Beatles game is !!
  • tcole6tcole6 Opening Act
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    For me it's the only game in my system as well. They could have just released a Wii with no CD drive and TB:RB already installed and I would have bought it :).

    However, I must say that the last couple of Rock Band parties I went to, 80% of the people still demanded RB2. And 80% of the time it was RB2 playing. Of course the hardcore Beatles fans would stay until the sissies went home, then it was TB:RB 100%.
  • blkninja1961blkninja1961 Opening Act
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    I got a few days after release - no stock AND I was first in line!! Still love it and I am impressed with the game everytime I load it up. Once I get past the frustration of not playing as well as I can (grrr....) I get blown away by the polish and care HMX put into it. Seeing the making of video and reading other experiences only makes it better and better.
    Can't wait for more DLC - Go Harmonix!!

    My only regret is that my friends are stiffs and avoid rhythm games....
  • VeganpunkVeganpunk Opening Act
    edited December 2009
    I've moved back to RB2, but still will put BRB and Lego in once in a while. The Beatles still blow me away. Everything about the game is amazing. I gold starred Lovely Rita and While My Guitar Gently Weeps last night. Even the on disc songs don't get old.
  • TheRollingBonesTheRollingBones Headliner
    edited December 2009
    Yeah, myself, I just got the game about 5 days ago actually, and, of course, I am absolutely loving it. Even though I had watched some FC videos on youtube and such, this game is constantly amazing me with just the sheer FUN of it all. These last five days all I've been doing is playing in quickplay, trying to experience all of the songs on all instruments (I haven't even played them all yet), and have barely even touched the story mode yet (I've only just gotten out of the Cavern Club). Obviously it hasn't left my Wii yet, and I can't see it doing so any time soon! It's obvious that Harmonix has put a ton of love and work into this game, and I can't see it getting boring anytime soon.

    Thanks Harmonix.
  • hannie3000hannie3000 Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    Even on my crappy TV from the Stone Age, the game looks absolutely gorgeous.
    The game pretty much hasn't left the CD tray of my 360 at all. I've played some other games a few times in between, but I went back to playing TB:RB almost immediately. It's such a fantastic game. I'm in love with it, honestly.
    And my LE bundle arrived today, so now I have a shiny Höfner bass controller AND a drum kit I've been wanting so much.
    This is my most played game ever and the only game my mom will ever play with me. Truly a work of art. I will never get bored with it.
  • KennyNOLKennyNOL Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I envy all of you who have it.

    I play the demo all the time when I visit the local Gamestop, usually when i'm distraught or pissed off. Here Comes The Sun always cheers me up. I can't play it well on my own acoustic yet so being able to go through the whole song in a videogame is the second best thing. I'll be getting it once I have my PS3. I mean I have a Wii but I want the downloadable content.
  • FERRARI777FERRARI777 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    It's pretty much all i play :D
  • ZorbaruZorbaru Opening Act
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    got the game only a couple weeks ago as i had a gh guitar and not enough cash to get the full kit. finished hard guitar, now working on hard band. then ill move to expert.

    but since then the price dropped big time on the bundle so i have that on order. so when i get that ill have drums and vocals (only to be done on my own) to get through. and then ill get the DLC.

    such replay value in this game is great.
  • BeatleEdBeatleEd Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    It seems once I think I'm not going to play "that song" again for a while, I go right back to it.
  • WeeJayWeeJay Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'm sure I've clocked at least 200 hours on this damn game so far. Says so on my Wii. I only ever took TB:RB out of my Wii to play the Queen DLC on RB2, but other than that it's the only thing I'm playing (Once I get NSMBWii that probably will change, though).

    .....Did I mention I wasted 200 hours Gold Starring every song on guitar? :D
  • solidsnakejtsolidsnakejt Road Warrior
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    RockStarr;3326144 said:
    Same here. to me, it seems like its getting better all the time
    see what you did thar
  • TheRollingBonesTheRollingBones Headliner
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    KennyNOL;3328314 said:
    I envy all of you who have it.

    I play the demo all the time when I visit the local Gamestop, usually when i'm distraught or pissed off. Here Comes The Sun always cheers me up. I can't play it well on my own acoustic yet so being able to go through the whole song in a videogame is the second best thing. I'll be getting it once I have my PS3. I mean I have a Wii but I want the downloadable content.
    Umm... why not just get it now? All of the DLC is available for Wii too. If you have an SD card it should be no trouble.
    edited December 2009
    God bless Harmonix for making this game and making Beatles fans happy lets just hope they continue with the DLC because if they stop it will be the worst day ever and will break my heart for real.
  • Dragonheart1991Dragonheart1991 Road Warrior
    edited December 2009
    It looks SO tempting. Everytime i take out the Rock Band 2 case from my shelf, Beatles Rock Band tends to follow it. I sometimes put away Rock Band 2 just for a quick few Beatle rounds.
  • Sargehalo51Sargehalo51 Road Warrior
    edited December 2009
    I love the game every single time I put it in, and still am in awe that we actually have a game of The Beatles!

    I can't thank HMX enough for making this happen and for the DLC (which I hope will continue!!!)
  • wrecklasswrecklass Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I actually dusted off the PS3 and upgraded the firmware because of TB:RB. I just don't play console games. Never played RB or GH in any form. But this has been a love/love relationship. Today my wife gave me the Beatles complete remastered stereo collection for my B-day, and now it's Beatles here there and everywhere. Songs I probably haven't heard in 40 years. Yea I saw them LIVE on the original Ed Sullivan show.

    It's nostalgia to great music, how can I not play it?
  • mjlambert1mjlambert1 Road Warrior
    edited December 2009
    Abbey Road medley still has me in awe.
  • SDwinderSDwinder Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I had never played Rockband or any of the rythm games before. Then The Beatles Rockband came out and I had to check it out. Having been born in '61, The Beatles were my musical foundation and soundtrack for my "Wonder Years". Nostalgia has always had a place in my being, and playing The Beatles RB songs and watching the videos takes me back to a great time in my life. Getting to share it with the young kids in my family and extended family has been a true gift. I watch them sing the songs and watch the videos and I see the same wonder and amazement I had in the late '60s and very early '70s at a similar age. Priceless!!!
  • TheObscureTheObscure Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    The Beatles: Rock Band is like a Junior Mint you unravel it, and enjoy the minty fresh taste.
  • TheRollingBonesTheRollingBones Headliner
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    TheObscure;3343943 said:
    The Beatles: Rock Band is like a Junior Mint you unravel it, and enjoy the minty fresh taste.
    ??? TB:RB tastes like mints?
  • GolfingPlowboyGolfingPlowboy Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    I'm 50 years old so I'm really too young to have truly experienced The Beatles originally but I had 2 older brothers who were 9 & 11 years older than me and they were in high school during the mid and late '60s and we slept in the same bedroom so I heard all the great music of that era including The Beatles. I was always trying to emulate my older brothers and to me The Beatles were rock and roll music and I started buying my own collection in the early '70s in 8-track tape (told you I was old). Since then I have bought their entire catalog on cassette tape and then on CD when they were released in 1987. I have been to see LOVE at the Mirage twice and will see it pretty much every time I go to Vegas. Finally, I bought both the mono and stereo box remasters that came out at the same time as the game. So you can see I am a fairly big fan!

    For me, The Beatles Rock Band is a childhood dream come true, or as close to true as is possible. The game allows me to play my favorite songs with my favorite band! And it just blows me away how they are able to do it all. Not being of the 'Xbox' generation, the entire gaming experience is incredible! Remember, "Pong" was a wonder when I was a teenager!

    I have seriously listened to The Beatles music for 35 years and feel pretty safe saying I have most parts of every song memorized. I still go to sleep most every night with one of their albums playing on my Zen. However, I am not a guitarist and have never played these types of games before so it is all a learning experience that I am enjoying completely!

    Because of The Beatles Rock Band I have bought Rock Band and Rock Band 2 along with Guitar Hero World Tour and Guitar Hero 5. They are fun but don't even come close to this game. I just hope we get ALL the Beatles music, meaning the original 13 albums plus what was pit out on the Past Masters collection.
  • Moony_LupinMoony_Lupin Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    I play every freaking day and love it! The dlc helps maintain interest for sure, but I'd still be playing the original 45 if that's all we had. I love this game!!!
  • MurphyRockMurphyRock Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    I think it's amazing that with their music STILL not available on the iTunes store (thanks to Apple Computer, EMI, and Apple Corps all not being able to get along), that The Beatles were able to come to us in this even-better electronic form. As Paul McCartney said in the TB:RB announcement, "Who would have ever thought we end up as androids?"
  • master2uallmaster2uall Back From The Dead
    edited December 2009
    I'm not awed at all anymore by it, wore off pretty quick, even with getting the new album tomorrow, will be a quick play thru of album, then back to cod mw2 and regular rb2.

    I'm telling you, what really keeps me off this game is the stupid note highway and light colored notes.
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