I still can't play this game: help me!

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How happy I was back in January when I was accepted for a five-month internship program abroad, from September to February.

How my eyes widened in horror sometime around March, when I discovered that The Beatles: Rock Band was being released a week after my program BEGINS.

My PS3 has been home without me for three months now, guys, and somewhere out there is a copy of TB:RB with my name on it. I don't know how much more of this I can take. Help me get through the next two months until I can finally experience this no-doubt glorious game instead of pathetically browsing YouTube videos and forums for some peripheral enjoyment of it. Anything!


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    beatles=beatles rockband=rockband
    both together=awesome
    not having it=sucks

    I'm experiencing the same thing right now
    but not with the game with the DLC this isnt nearly as horrible as not having the game but watching youtube videos of a day in the life makes me :( but i think about it this way just think of how much more exciting its going to be once you have it,knowing that youve been waiting long with out complaining or crying to your mommy.
    and how :) youlle be
    i like smilies :p;):D:);):cool:
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