What are the Odds?

animemetalheadanimemetalhead Road Warrior
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I am an avid Rock Band player, and I also play real guitar. Long story short, I write my own songs and I've already started working on getting them charted for the Rock Band Network.

But, I'm also a little hesitant to dive into this full-force. Right now I only have one song that's even close to any sort of good quality and it doesn't even have lyrics yet. What are the odds of someone even scrolling over my music to look at it?

I'm just curious as to how many other people out there are like me and aren't sure if it'll be worth the effort to do a whole song only to have it never be touched in the Music Store.


  • k-mack-mac Road Warrior
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    Well, if you complete the song and upload a video of it charted onto youtube, it will be seen by quite a few people, and if it's any good, those people will talk about it here on the forums and then those people will chack it out and so they are all potential buyers.

    Just putting it into RBN won't get you too many people actually looking at it, but if you do proper promoting, like uploading the charts to youtube with popular key words like "rock band, rbn" etc, it will be seen. Word of mouth is essential to success on RBN.
  • TimmoWarnerTimmoWarner Opening Act
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    There is at least one song I KNOW I will be buying as soon as it's available based on the preview I saw on YouTube. Based on that, I think the good songs will get the exposure they need, at least here in the forums.

    But, yes, I think a song just thrown up on the network without any promotion might have some trouble getting people to try it out.
  • MithinMithin Unsigned
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    Look at it this way. NOT putting it into Rock Band will result you a ZERO chance of anyone seeing it. Putting it in can only help your cause!

    Plus, I don't agree with the above posters. Sure youtube videos and web content will help you to get your stuff out there but of the millions of Rock Band players out there, very few of them are online like us refreshing pages to see if any new videos are up.

    There will be a huge audience looking at your previews in the store.

    Go for it and we're all here (and on the creators site) to help you with any questions or bumps in the road.

    Good Luck
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