PS3: 1080p Vocal Slowdown?

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I haven't tested this thoroughly, will try to do a better test later tonight.

I noticed some slowdowns in the menus especially when selecting vehicles. Other background slowdowns can be easily seen while playing but the chart is smooth as silk, so I really didn't mind.

Yesterday I played for the first time in full band.. enjoyed it and switched to vocals.... never played vocals yet on LRB. The slowdowns on the vocals chart is highly noticeable... looks like Screen Tearing just for the Vocal Chart though. I tried switching to different venues but still slows down. Haven't played vocals solo yet... only Full Band but its really bugging me. I'm pretty sure that the Vocal Slowdowns in PS3 RB2 in Full Band happens rarely and almost to none in TBRB.

I will test it some more later tonight and maybe update some more news later. I suspect this is happening because it is rendering at 1080p so I will try to switch to 720p. [Edit: I was wrong] I will also test Vocals solo in 1080p and see if I can see any Slowdowns/Screen Tearing.

And before anyone replies... NO its not the TV. TVs do not produce any screen tearing effect and I have never experienced any problems with any RockBands (incl. Beatles) or any other game on my TV before. I still stand by my point: the problem is PS3 + LRB

Is anyone experiencing this? Can you please state the Console, Resolution, 1-4 Players?


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