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Hi everyone,

I am hoping soeone can help me with this, I just got the Beatles Rockband and wanted to set it up with the Wii. Everything seems to be fine, except the Wii says I can only connect four instruments at a time...I try connecting the two guitars and the bass and drums and it makes me turn off one of the guitars. I tried to not have the mic connected and it STILL doesn't give me the option to have all four instruments connected. Is it wrong of me to think I can have the two guitars and the bass connected at the same time with the drums in order to have what was THE BEATLES when this is THE BEATLES Rockband?

Can somebody please help me with this and let me know how I can do this?




  • davidshekdavidshek Community Playtester
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    Your problem is that you are trying to connect 3 guitars (2 guitars and a bass). You can't do that.

    You can only have 2 guitars (1 guitar, 1 bass), 1 drum set, and 3 microphones connected (which use 1 Wiimote to control all vocalists). 6 players, but only 4 physical controllers.

    The only time you can have more than 1 drum set is if you are doing a drums Score Duel / Tug of War.
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    It's true that The Beatles had two guitarists, but this really only applied to their touring years. During their studio years, many songs have one or no guitar at all. That would be impossible to manage if they had to make two guitar charts for each song. As such, there is only a single guitar track, which combines all guitars and sometimes other instruments, having you play whatever would be the most fun.

    Additionally, you have screen size related issues. Four tracks on a screen would make things difficult to see, don't you think?
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