Free DLC Tracks! No Strings, No Gimmicks

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Hey everyone, I haven't been to the forums in a while and thought I'd do something to help my fellow plastic rockers. I pre-ordered TB:RB and got the free DLC codes with it. Since there were so few pre-orders at the GS I went to, I got multiple sets. As an act of kindness, I submit to whoever wants them first 6 FREE TRACKS for your copy of TB:RB.

Since I haven't been community active in over a year, I don't have any community buddies to give them to, and my meatspace friends all come to my place to play RB since they don't have it. Without further ado, the codes (All are for Xbox 360):

Being for the Benefit of Mr. Kite!:

Lovely Rita:

Oh! Darling:

Maxwell's Silver Hammer:

When I'm Sixty-Four:

Day in the Life:

To the recipient(s), enjoy! Spread the love around, and keep rockin'! :D

EDIT: If you would be so kind as to tell us which one you took so that I may strike them out once taken, I'd appreciate it.

EDIT 2: All codes given away! I hope you have fun with your new DLC!


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