Btw, Yahoo gave Beatles "Best Party Game"

kitlerckitlerc Road Warrior
edited December 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
No big, just thought it would be nice to know that Beatles got another "Award"

Heh, no GH game was even nominated.


  • mva5580mva5580 Road Warrior
    edited December 2009
    A game that features The Beatles is going to win a lot of awards just based on the fact that it includes The Beatles.

    Yes it's a great game, yes it deserves the accolades it's receiving. But you cannot measure the positive PR HMX has gotten by making this game. No other band game could possibly come close. MAYBE Elvis. But that will never happen.
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  • silveralexsilveralex Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    planning to "party" with it this weekend! :)
  • MarkItFabMarkItFab Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    The reason this wins as best party game is obvious. The songs. The Beatles have a more or less universal appeal. People can play the songs over and over without getting sick of them. By comparison, most people aren't going to want to play System of a Down and Lit over and over again. In a party situation The Beatles are a no brainer, but Megadeth, L7 and Ratt are much more subject to individual taste. If your friends don't like those bands, you're SOL.
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