Does TT Games have a history of patches?

PubknightPubknight Road Warrior
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I've never owned a Lego game before, and was wondering for those that have, if TT Games has a history of post-release support (read-patches).

I'm really enjoying Lego RB, however as evidenced by these forums, there do seem to be a few bugs that could use a little patch love to fix up.

Does TT games, in the experience of others, patch it's games... or is kind of a release it, then move on and it is what it is type of situation?


  • nightglider1nightglider1 Unsigned
    edited December 2009
    The only TT games I have experience with on 360 are LEGO Star Wars (complete), LEGO Indiana Jones (original), and LEGO Batman.

    I haven't noticed anything requiring patching, nor do I recall patches having been issued for any of them, so I don't know how they handle bugs.

    Sorry, wish I had more helpful info for you.
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