Web Content Week of 12/14-12/18

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And now, with more podcast goodness!

The Official Harmonix Rock Band Podcast Episode 6 - Friendship Bread

30 Seconds to Mars and All-American Rejects Add New Singles to Rock Band

DLC news! What a scoop!

Green Day: Rock Band Coming Soon

It’s official (but you knew that already)

From the Judges’ Table: Our Tips For Acing Your Next Rock Band Competition

Hot tips from hot judges. Even if you’ve never been to our night at Improv Boston you’ll want to read this. Who knows, we just might show up at an RB competition in your town!

Rock Band Nights at Improv Boston
For a real taste of the craziness at our local Rock Band night check out this video by HMXPope.

Custom Rock Band Guitar for Child’s Play!

Gamer extraordinairre, Austin Throop met up with us at PAX and told us about his awesome tradition of donating to Child’s Play. Click through to see the sweet item he put up this year.
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