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Hello all, I am going to be working with a band to release some songs over the RBN when it launches and was wondering if anyone would be interested in lending a hand with some charting? I will of course pay you a percent of the profits that the songs bring in. To qualify you must be able to do (and do a good job) at least 1 of these things.

~Chart Bass on Ex[ert
~Chart Vocals
~Do animations (ie: band member movements, camera angles, and light effects.)

I will be releasing AT LEAST 7 songs over the RBN so if you help with all, or even most of them you should make a decent buck. If you are interested, here is my little chart for how I would like to go about doing this.

1. Post in this thread saying you are interested and tell which of the 3 previously mentioned parts you would like to chart (can be more than 1) Also, please leave the best way to contact you.
2. I will contact you via the method you said in your post and we can negotiate a price (I am resonable too :) )
3. I will send you the audio for the part you wanted to chart.
4. you chart it and send it back to me.
5. at the end of a certain time frame (tbd) I will choose who I think did the best job and use that persons chart in my final version of the song midi.
6. When I receive the check from Harmonix, I will send you the amount we agreed on in cash to an adress you tell me to OR by method that will work better for you.

There is no limit to the number of songs you can chart, I just need them to be done by the time the rest of the song is ready to be compiled and sent in. So, if anyones interested I would really appreciate it.


PS: I am not signing contracts with an authoring groups or anything like that, I just want people, not big groups that would like to partake.


I forgot to mention, I am not looking for anyone who would charge a flat rate, I would like to pay purely by a % of the DLC Sales. (sorry The_Rock_Pulse)


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    I can do vocals and bass for a few songs. (At least if expert is all you need for bass, it takes me a painfully long time to figure out the reduced difficulties). I have two songs from my own band charted and ready to go when RBN launches, and I find charting to be a lot of fun. If you PM me, I can show you some examples of my work if you'd like.

    [Edit] The best way to contact me would be either through a PM here or emailing me at [at] yahoo.
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    I can definitely do Bass and I'd love to try Vocals charting, so long as I have a text file with the lyrics. I can typically work really quickly and efficiently. If you need Guitar or Drum authoring, let me know, too, I'm fully able to do that, as well.

    I'm not the best with animations and stage effects, so I don't know if that'd be my fort
  • The_Rock_PulseThe_Rock_Pulse Unsigned
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    I can author whatever portion you need me to do. Check out my operation: www.TheRockPulse.com. If you want, you can just submit the stems straight through my site. I'll turn it around very quickly, as I'm set up to do it all.

    Let's talk.

    Ben Kopec
    The Rock Pulse
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    I can do vocals and bass for you. For the background video, I think I can handle camera direction, but not the lighting.

    What's the best way to contact me? Well, because I don't want to put my e-mail address out in the open, could you PM me through my YouTube account? As is my forums name, it's HauntingYourKids. I even have a full band custom song so you can see what I'm capable of. I have another one complete which I know is an improvement, but the person I asked to record the video hasn't gotten around to recording it yet.

    I'm just looking for work until Rock Authors finds me a chart to do.
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