DLC for someone else

sgarrysgarry Unsigned
edited December 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
Hi all. My first time posting here, and I do so to ask for some help/guidance.

My 16-yr-old nephew loves the Beatles and his RB game; however, his Wii system is not hooked up to the Internet, so he can't download the new songs. For Christmas, I was going to work out with his parents a deal in which I would download the newer songs from my Wii system onto a memory card, and then they could wrap up the memory card and give it to him as a gift to open on Christmas morning. They are willing to pay for the tracks, so I'm not suggesting that I copy them illegally or anything.

Do you all think this can be done, or does the Wii prohibit me from sharing something that I've downloaded on my system with someone else? Merry Christmas!


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