Rock Band officially let's college/indie rock fans down.

SnugglinMachineSnugglinMachine Unsigned
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It is quite a sad day for people like me. I've put so much trust in the people at Harmonix to have a more distinguished ear for music than the folks over at Activision, but today the Guitar Hero franchise won a decisive battle by releasing a Pavement song before Rock Band. Come on, Harmonix. I've given you so much money. Stop letting me down. Putting Limp Bizkit in Rock Band before Pavement (or bands like Built to Spill or, hell, bring back The Slip from the first Guitar Hero) is just plain wrong. This is the third week in a row where your DLC has completely struck out with me.

One more thing: No more post Pinkerton Weezer. That's just salt in the wound.


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