Gamertag/Friend Code Thread

Iggy-SparksIggy-Sparks Unsigned
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After discussions on this topic

I decide to make a new thread to make easier to find people with DLC. :o

So just write your gamertag, the difficulty you play, which console and which DLC you got.

XBOX 360

- McDuboff (Iggy-Sparks)
Expert All Instruments - All DLC

-Tony X Emma (SingingMaster)
Abbey road singles - Because - Sergeant Pepper's, All you need is love

-hannie3000 (hannie3000)
Expert vocals, Expert bass, Hard/Expert guitar, Hard/Expert drums All DLC

- SPODO KIMODO (Jelfoss)
Expert Guitar/Bass Drums Abbey Road - Sergeant Pepper's - All you need is love

- FierDancer (FierDancr)
Expert Guitar/Bass Hard Vocals All DLC

- jinjOWNED (HarrisonFan)
Expert All Instruments Half of Abbey Road, Majority of Sgt. Pepper (will have all dlc by Christmas)

- Old Man Coaster (Rod_stixx)
Expert Drums/Vocals Hard Guitar/Bass All DLC

- Noel Pearse (Izzy)
Expert Guitar/Bass All DLC

- Snadzie (Snookeroo)
Expert Drums/Vocals All DLC

- Zumbar (Brentstah)
Expert All Instruments - All DLC

- Bdiddy51791 (bigball123)
Expert All Instruments - All DLC

- Voxtastic (Soxman)
Expert All Instruments (Vocals) - Two Albums, Rubber Soul soon

- Spantasy (Spantasy)
Expert Voxtar - All DLC

SystemSCSnake (SystemSCSnake)
Expert All Instruments - All DLC (search good players)

- striderblack (striderblack)
Expert Guitar/Vocals - Abbey Road Album, Rubber Soul Album, Sergeant Pepper's singles

- XXxxADxxXX (XxxadxxX)
Expert Vocals - ALL DLC

- BoroParmo (ChickenParmo)
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass -All you need is love

- marioman5678 (marioman8765)
Expert Vocals - All DLC

- Skysaw Jr (skysaw)
Expert All Instruments - All DLC

- Kevnewsman (Newsman)
Expert Guitar/Bass/Vocals - All DLC

- King Seesar (jedicms)
Expert Guitar/Bass/Vocals - All DLC

- ONEFOR U19 4 ME (TheNew)
Expert Drums/Guitar/Bass - All DLC


- Stig_the_pig (Stig_the_Pig)
Expert Guitar/Bass - All DLC

- MurdocisGod1990 (MurdocisGod1990)

- MistressD (MistressD)
Expert Vocals - All DLC

- S4nG0_59 (S4nG0_59)
Expert Drum/Guitar/Bass - All DLC

- reppination7 (reppination7)
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass Medium Drums/Vocals - All DLC

- OrigamiLily (EnglishRain)
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass/Vocals - All DLC

- andreea03 (andreea03)
Expert Vocals - All DLC

- thedarklord79 (beatlekorey)
Hard/Expert - All DLC


- Betty_Kate 4377-0055-8375
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass - Abbey Road - Sergeant Pepper's - Rubber Soul

- 420withthebeatles 1843-8748-0209
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass - All Albums

- Pezzers 3690-7101-1410
Expert Vocals/Bass - All DLC by Christmas

- SIGEP99 3647-7603-3118
Hard/Expert All Instruments

- Itze887 0469-4859-0746

- Zorbaru 5193 9500 3302
Expert Guitar/Bass

- 11thLad 0898-9813-3935
Expert All Instruments

- Jweb1970 3918-5590-7236
Hard/Expert Guitar/Bass/Drums Various singles from different albums

- THEBassist 4334 9563 9704
Expert Drums/Guitar/Bass All DLC

- AbsoluteBrawl3r 4678-5522-4745
Expert All Instruments - Some DLC missing


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