Broken bass drum pedal...?

jetstobraziljetstobrazil Unsigned
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Hey everybody,

I'd need your help or advice.

I bought the game in late September and today while drumming, I broke the pedal. It cracked and will soon be in pieces, so I can't play it anymore.

Is that covered by any warranty?! I didn't play THAT much, and it hasn't been THAT long since I got the game. I read somewhere about a 60-day warranty, but, it's beyond me if I can't get a replacement for a piece of hardware so cheaply built.


Also, I went on their thing, and the page doesn't even work! It gives me an error!


  • jfh2112jfh2112 Opening Act
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    I just tried it, and I can get the page. Here's what it says:

    Attention! Firefox 3 users may be unable to see the Troubleshooting and RMA steps on the pages that follow. If this is the case, please use Internet Explorer 6 or 7, or Firefox 2.x.

    Are you using Firefox? Try IE instead, see if that works.
  • Moony_LupinMoony_Lupin Rising Star
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    If not covered, you can purchase a new one for about $15 at Best Buy. Of course, it won't have the cool Beatles logo. I've thought about buying a spare one for when my friends come over... they abuse the hell out of that pedal and I would be pissed if it broke.
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