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im just curious when using reaper to chart songs and all that stuff.... do you need the master tracks to actually do it or can you do it with just an mp3 file of a song.


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    You need separated stems. The game is designed so that when you miss a note on an instrument, only that instrument gets muted. Without separate tracks, the whole song would mute, which you don't want.

    If you're in a band, you probably have better recordings of your songs than just mp3 files. :)
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    so stems are another way saying everything that is being played but their all seperate like hi-hat is one stem snare is one stem ect. no wonder i havent figured this out lol...
  • NSIYusukeNSIYusuke Opening Act
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    Well, yes and no regarding stems being needed.

    You don't NEED them to chart the song just for fun. For example, some people did Muse songs, I did "Revision-One"s "The Dark" without the stems, etc. Now, you couldn't put the songs into Rockband 2 without the proper stems (which means, yes, split instrument tracks of the song. Isolated, if you will.)

    So if you're just doing it for fun, nah, you don't need them, if you're planning on really using the song in RBN, yes, you need them
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    ok thats what i needed to kno.
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