Is it really worth it?

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I first got RB2 for my birthday in May, and love it to death, made way up to expert drums, I got TB:RB the day it came out, and I love it too. (But not as much as RB2.) I've been refraining from going L:RB from reviews, and other experiences I've heard on this forum. Can someone tell me the pros and cons of the game perhaps? That'd be very helpful.


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    -It does export back to RB2, and contains a fair amount of stuff that is more lighter or upbeat then standard RB fare (which is varied, but tends to be heavier rock), or is regionally a bit different (Traveller's Tales was UK, and most of the setlist originates there, offering some new bands to NA players)

    -Freshness, it's a change of style and environment, despite being the underlying same game.

    -It has the super-easy mode and recover-from-fail without restarting the song stuff, if you're not one of the regular expert FCers, that might have some interest.


    -No online play.
    -DLC is filtered, and the disc is kind of low on songs, so if you have little/no DLC that passes the filter, you're really either gonna skip mystery sets or get really sick of some of the songs.
    -There's more clothing options then RB2 for your guy, but a lot of them are similar, and the colors aren't as malleable.
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