How To gain Career Score?

bigball123bigball123 Unsigned
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What is the best way to gain career score, after initially beating the game? I am a 4,582,095 career drummer, and want to go even higher. Does quickplay or story add to the score? Will Xbox Live story add to the score for each individual member as well? Thanks!


  • MurphyRockMurphyRock Rising Star
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    You have to re-play the 45 on-disc songs solo with that instrument (drums in your case). In order for your career score to increase, you must beat your highest score on on of those 45 songs. It doesn't matter what mode you play in (story or quickplay).

    Your instrument career score is the sum of the high scores for that instrument for the 45 on-disc songs.

    Band career score works similarly, except you're not limited to playing with a single instrument.
  • CCDaDonCCDaDon Headliner
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    If you want to up your guitar score you must play solo. Band play does not add to the scores.
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