I want to start a band/ or just have people 2 play with

zacky7707zacky7707 Unsigned
edited December 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
well ever since i started playing the beatles rockband online i've noticed that it was kinda hard 2 find people. So now i want to start a band where there would players that I would be able to recognise. Well i play for about 2-6 hours a day ( and yes i do have a life ) so thats when you could add me. Oh and btw i play the beatles rock band for wii and have about 3-6 dlc's that i'm very good at. and p.s. i'll be up until about 8:30 so be quick :D
Gamer tag: zacky7707
Friend Code: ( 1672-0763-8322 )
instument: expert drums/ hard on impossible songs
guitar: expert
mic: hard-expert
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