need help with set up

frank75frank75 Unsigned
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i got the Beatles rock band for wii trying to set up the guitar... pluged in the dongle no light on dongle and the giutar is not sync up but drums and mic is good any idea what to do


  • Big-A2Big-A2 Rising Star
    edited December 2009
    You're talking about the Limited Editon set with the Hofner bass right? Press the button on dongle to reset the search thing and then press the sync button on the controller. If that doesn't work you could try the basic things like un-pluging and pluging it back in...

    If all else fails, give Harmonix a call.
  • frank75frank75 Unsigned
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    well the problem is the light on the dongle isnt turning on. so im thinking a defect with it? the guitar lights are all on and the drums are fine. thanks for the info
  • HobotivoHobotivo Roadie
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    I don't have a wii so I can't give specific advice but you might try plugging the guitar dongle into another port to make sure it's the dongle that's faulty, not the port?
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