Vinyl Remasters and Beatles take over Billboard 200

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1. Did they mention a date for the Vinyl Remasters? I heard march but dont think it's official?

2. Abbey Road has reached #82 on the Billboard 200.[It would have been #3 back when the remasters first came out, but catalog albums weren't allowed back on the 200 yet.]
The White Album is at #85.
Beatles in Stereo Box Set at #99.
1 is at #126.
Sgt Pepper's is at #130.
Rubber Soul is at #163.
Revolver is at #170.
Past Masters is at #177.
Love is at #184.
Just surprised Magical Mystery Tour didn't make it. They have more albums then any other artist this past week. Of course back after 09-09-09 every single album plus the two boxed sets plus 1 and Love would have charted all at the same time, but they didn't count catalog yet.


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    Vinyl remasters are coming out? I was actually planning on getting some Beatles vinyl, since I'm getting a record player (already have Abbey Road).
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    The vinyl remasters have already been confirmed by Apple's CEO, he did not give a definitive date though. There was a post from someone who claimed a listing showed 3/16/2010 (I believe that was the exact date, definitely in March though) but it was hard to tell how reliable that was. Regardless, they most definitely are coming out.
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