beatles rockband guitar won't sync up!!!

cleanbugcleanbug Unsigned
edited December 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
if the guitar doesn't sync up, does that mean i need to take it up on warrenty or is there some trick to getting it to sync?
i have put it together as shown, turned it on, pressed the guitar button as shown, & then pressed the link up button.
the white sync box is plugged into the back of the wii console & the mic & drums work great.
when i press the sync button on the guitar, all 4 lights keep won't assign.
we only have 2 wii remotes...i was wondering if somehow i have to go into settings to add more spots?
the drums have assined to #4, the wii remote we use to navigate with is#1 & the microphone works (no light to show what position it selected) but it is working.
any ideas?
is it defective?


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