Nasty audio feedback

SteveHasSteveHas Unsigned
edited December 2009 in The Beatles: Rock Band
A month ago a friend of our family brought over Beatles Rock Band. When the kids started playing the audio feedback was so bad we had to stop playing.
Today, the kids got it for Christmas, and with a new version of the game we got the same out come. What is going on?
some tech spec background;
1.) Playing on what originally was a 60 gig unit PS3, was upgraded to a 250 gig drive a year ago
2.) we own and have played original Rock Band with no issues many many times over past year
3.) We are playing with the instruments that came with the original Rock Band
4.) we have auto calibrated the system in a dark room
5.) feedback occurs with surround sound, and stereo TV sound
6.) have tried a Logitec mic that came with Wii SingStar mic as well with same result



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