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Hi, I was wondering if anyone had a good pattern for setting overdrive on a song, Like every certain amount of measures or something like that?


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    The docs say every 10 measures. You have read the docs all the way through repeatedly like I advised you to do like 2 months ago, right? (gentle ribbing)

    Actually, they don't say every 10 measures, they say something like "take the total number of measures, divide that by 10, and then place them more or less evenly throughout the song" which I translate to "every 10 measures".

    Then they sort of seem to say that every 20 measures should be a unison overdrive, but as I recall that part was sort of unclear too.

    But regardless, after placing them you need to test them. In my experience, using their formula made for way too many points and I had to remove about a third of them.
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    When they say "divide the total number of measures by ten", they just mean it's a ratio. If a song is 90 measures long, then each part should have 9 OD sections. That's not to say they have to be 10 measures apart (especially since music tends to favor 4-bar sections).

    Similarly, you don't need a unison section every 20 bars. Instead, divide the number of measures by 20 to get the number of OD sections you should have. So a 100 measure song should have 5 unison sections. But an easier way of saying that is "half of your OD sections should be unison sections".

    If you're coming up with too much energy such that you GS far too early, of course take out some OD sections. The time your OD lasts also depends on your Beat track, so keep that in mind. Also, don't include the count-in and post-music-end stuff for your total measures. I also have a suspicion that longer tracks hit GS much sooner than short tracks, so they likely need less.

    I have a tune that starts on M5 and ends at M101. At a total length of 96 measures, 9 OD sections was just about perfect for me: Bass goes GS about 8 notes from the end, given my typical path.

    Again, there aren't any hard and fast rules, and testing will reveal what's right for you! :)

    - m
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    Ahh yes, of course you are right Markleford, that's why they worded it that way. For some reason it confused me a bit when I was authoring my first song.
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