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I was just curious

If I firstly author the vocals exactly the pitch and length of each word, then insert the lyrics, I understand how when the game is played, the game would understand where the notes/words START and END

But then I started to author JUST the vowel parts of the words, and I can't help but wonder how in the game it knows where the words start and finish?

I get how it'd see the start of the word, from the text event, but what about the end of it? do you author to the end of the word, even if its a consonant sound?


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    It puts the vocal "tube" exactly where your midi note is.

    The text event does not change this because it is placed exactly at the start of the midi note, so your thinking is a little flawed there.

    The answer is, author on the vowel sound and everything will be fine. The start will be at the start of the vowel sound, and the end will be at the end of it and the game will score optimally and the player will do fine.

    Only rarely do I ever notice that is looks weird authored that way, but there is nothing to be done about it--most consonant sounds either have no discernible pitch, or are made up of very high frequency sounds and/or are extremely short in duration anyway.

    If it is a "soft" consonant sound, you can author into it and see how it scores/looks (the docs mention this I believe), but otherwise, author to the vowels.
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