Animation notes sometimes don't play

skysawskysaw Opening Act
edited December 2009 in The Rock Band Network
I'm authoring a song that begins on beat four with two very solid snare drum eighth notes. I have the proper animation events in place (using a right-left hand sequence on snare), and I have the camera focusing on the drummer to begin since that's the first sound of the song.

But I've noticed that sometimes (not all the time), the character won't play anything at all until the beginning of the next measure. Needless to say, that just doesn't rock visually.

I've tried moving around the [play] marker as well as adding another measure to the beginning to allow more time for things to get settled. Originally, I was using [intense] but that seemed to make it even less reliable. I've also tried altering the beat track to start at various time periods before the first hit.

Is there something else I need to examine? I thought maybe the engine was confused that the first note is a pick-up. When it works, it looks great, but I can't seem to be reliable.
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