Mystery band in "Dressed to Thrill"

cherokeesamcherokeesam Washed Up
edited December 2009 in LEGO: Rock Band
So I was playing through this mini-challenge at Brickton Manor today; some of you may recall it. "Dressed To Thrill" is a 2-song set that features "Ruby" and "Swing Swing," and is put together by your stylist.

Anyho, the thing is, when I played this mini-challenge, it subbed out my entire band for another one, even though it still kept my character/band names. But the lead singer was some guy with a silver emover hairstyle, and there was a bassist with a vampire-looking hairdo (but not THE Count), and the guitarist has pinkish hair....

I'm just wondering who the hell these people are, and why they stole my stage during "Dressed To Thrill." They don't really look like the real-life Kaiser Chiefs, or even AAR, for that matter. Just wondering if anybody noticed the switcharoo and had any idea why it happens, or who these guys are supposed to represent.


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