Great game, but...

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...I'm a bit dissapointed in the interface. Specificly with regards to how it shows completions.

Right now, if I finish a song on the drums on Expert with five stars (let's just say), that doesn't really mean I've mastered the song. I may have only completed it on beginner with the guitar or not at all on the bass, and so on. Unfortunately, there is no way to know that from the interface given. All you know is that you've five starrred a song on some part of it.

Which is too bad. If I had a chart with all the instruments across the top (guitar, bass, drums, vocals 1, 2, and 3) and a difficulty rating/star rating listed for each one of these on a per song basis, this game would have had me playing for months on end to master each individual part.

I know this is a party game, but with this simple change you could also have had the solo part of the game be rich and rewarding. And I suspect that this game is played solo most of the time (becasue really how often do people have "Beatles Rock Band" parties? As it stands, once you finish the story mode one time through, it's not very interesting after that.

Anyway, I'm going to make such a chart myself with Excel and keep it on my desk. But it really ought to have been a native part of the game. Just a suggestion for the next Rock Band game (perhaps Green Day?).


  • LuigiHannLuigiHann Stormtrooper
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    It'll always show you the high scores based on which instrument you're playing with...
  • RonHilerRonHiler Unsigned
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    True. But it doesn't seem to be well implemented. For example, I JUST finishined playing While My Guitar Gently Weeps on Hard in Quickplay mode, but when I finished, no score came up on the song selection board.

    In fact, the only one that comes up right is the mic. Most likely this is because my username is set to the mic, while the guitar comes up as "Player 2". If there is a way to change that, I don't know about it. If I could set the instruments across the board to my user name and have them come up on the song selection scoreboard, then I will withdraw my objection :)

    And also, this doesn't help for story mode :) Although I could live without that if I could get it working in quickplay mode.
  • SystemSCSnakeSystemSCSnake Road Warrior
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    Sign in on a different controller, (or start up your system with a different controller, for example turning it on with the Guitar and proceeding with the guitar may work)
  • Soror_YZBLSoror_YZBL Road Warrior
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    I always want to smack anyone who makes a subject line end with "but...".
  • Rich T.Rich T. Rising Star
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    Soror_YZBL;3389287 said:
    I always want to smack anyone who makes a subject line end with "but...".
    He bought a copy of TB:RB. That automatically grants him smacking immunity. :)
  • danya101danya101 Unsigned
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    Theres a reason after every song in the bottom in text it says "It may take a while for the leaderboards to update"
    hmmm? what does that mean?
    i guess i better go post on the forums to find out what "a while" is

    EDIT: sorry for the bit of the rant, to change your controller number, press and hold the PS button, go to controller setting right under quit game
    and go to controller reassignment (or something like that) and as long as there is no other controller assigned to 1, you can assign your guitar to 1
  • ClipheadCliphead Rising Star
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    I don't see what different controllers has to do with the scores on the Quickplay menu. If the drummer is the only player, it only shows drum scores. There's even a line on the Quickplay screen that tells you to hit the blue button to switch between guitar and bass scores, or between solo and harmony vocal scores.
  • RonHilerRonHiler Unsigned
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    Well, I figured it out (Snake is on the right track), but it's not easy or obvious.

    I'm on a 360, so how the PS3 works I dunno. But on the 360, what you have to do (in my case) is start the game and get to the instrument selection screen in the quickplay section. The mic is active as a "Join" choice (as my user name) because the hand controller is on. Then you turn on the guitar, which brings up that as another "Join" choice (as Player 2). Then you have to turn off the 360 controller so that the mic turns off (this frees up the profile to be loaded to another instrument). Then you have to use the guitar to log in under your user name. Then, finally, you have to turn back on the hand controller (otherwise you end up with an annoying "Please connect controller" tag right in front of the fret board).

    A pretty complicated process just to switch instruments. This REALLY should be streamlined. It pretty much precludes switching during a session, at least quickly. And you still can't see the scores of an instrument you are not on without going back through that process, which is silly. So my original comments still stand.

    1) Streamline the instrument switching process to allow a particular user to play whatever instrument they want without having to jump through that many loops.

    2) put ALL the high scores (i.e. for each instrument) for each song on the board. There's even a place for this already. Up at the top when you select a song it shows the difficulty rating for each instrument. Put the high scores to the right of those difficulty ratings.

    Like I said, good game, excellent sound track, it's just that the interface needs a bit of polishing.
  • ClipheadCliphead Rising Star
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    You don't have to log out of anything if you turn off the normal controller before turning on the guitar.
  • LeoModestoLeoModesto Opening Act
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    I think his problem is the process of turning off and on controllers, which is unnecessary.

    Well, the Wii doesn't have to deal with that - everyone is always the same profile...
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