Microphone with wii

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Hi all :)

I'm hoping you can help me..I'm confused and searching the net I seem to keep turning up conflicting advice!

Got a wii TB:RB for christmas with a guitar. Want to get a microphone to go with it as well. I would much, much, prefer to get a wireless mic though.

That is my first problem, I'm struggling to find a wireless wii mic. :confused: If anyone can point me in the direction of wireless wii microphones, that would be great!!

So...I found something online that made it look like you should be able to get xbox etc mics to work with it as well, depending on the type of mic.

I've got a pretty standard wireless xbox 360 mic, but cannot get it to connect to the wii at all. Has anyone got a microphone from something other than the wii to connect with it? Should I be able to?

thanks for any help you might be able to give


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