Anybody Worried..

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that we are getting excited for nothing, with all the DLC threads that have been made and all that, it would really suck if HMX told us they were done. It would be a BIG TIME let down, There are 4 albums on this forum that are in high demand (just from reading alot of posts.)

In my opinion they are:
Magical Mystery Tour
and the White Album

Im just saying that I would be more mad at HMX over this than I would if they said they were more popular with there game than Jesus.


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    I'd be very unhappy, although I'm pretty sure we'll get at least some more DLC.

    There's bound to be some stuff in the pipeline that will get released eventually, at least that's my belief. Might not be whole albums though, but there's a few iconic songs that would certainly amply repay their development costs, we all know which ones they are.

    Even if they didn't I'll still be playing the game for a long time though. In fact, I think my PS3 will be kept indefinitely just so I can go on playing the game, rather than being replaced when (eventually) the PS4 comes out, unless there is backwards compatibility with TB:RB. I'll still buy the PS4, but I'd have to keep the PS3 as well.
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    I would turn into the Hulk if it were to happen.
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