Rock Band Mic not working in Lego Rock Band (PS3)

ZeitfrakturZeitfraktur Unsigned
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I just bought Lego Rock Band PS3.
While my Rock Band (1) Instruments (Drumkit and Guitar) work fine,
the Microphone as part of the same set does not seem to work in LRB.
It does not complain about a missing mic, but there is no pitch indicator etc.

The microphone did not work in Rock Band 2 initially (but it told so asking to plug-in the controller).
I thought I fixed this by setting up that Logitech mic in the PS3 peripherial settings as all is fine in Rock Band 2 since then, but fails in LRB.

Any ideas/suggestions?


  • RichRockBandUKRichRockBandUK Unsigned
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    Hmm, not sure why the PS3 mic doesn't work, I bought a 360 Rock Band mic from Amazon Marketplace after Christmas and it works great.
  • dillysfrienddillysfriend Opening Act
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    If you have two mics, plug the official one in. When you press x it should tell you no mic found, or something like that. Unplug the official one and plug in the second one. Press x again and it should let you go on. Unplug the second one and plug in the official one. It thinks its the second one, but it should now work.

    It happened to me in the beatles.
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