What "celebs"/interesting minifigs have you made?

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Too bad RB's online Merch Maker doesn't extend to LRB....it would be nice to post character pics here...

But in lieu of that, would anybody like to post some interesting "celebs" or characters you've made for your band or entourage?

I've got an awesome Dave Grohl fronting my band, of course (mop hair + black goatee head + skater camo T-shirt), with RHCP's Chad Smith on drums (backwards cap + one of the Power Miners' uniforms), John Entwhistle on bass (the skeleton suit, of course), and Angus Young on guitar (The Schoolboy outfit).

I've also got Donald Trump as my Marketing Executive; and subbing at various positions are Napoleon Bonaparte, Jimi Hendrix, Elvis Presley, James Bond (Sean Connery edition: the dinner suit) and Benjamin Franklin. (I also think it's awesome that they based the Music Video Director on Rob Reiner's character from Spinal Tap. :))

So....anybody got any interesting characters they've made for the game?

EDIT: Oh yeah, I forgot....when Angus or Jimi aren't on lead guitar, I usually have Santa Claus fill in ("hair today" + grandpa head + red arctic explorer costume). Ice Cool Guitar, of course.


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